Prosperity, Wealth, & Money Affirmations


In the pursuit of wealth and prosperity, the power of the mind is paramount. These powerful affirmations are your secret weapon to rewire your beliefs, align your thoughts, and attract abundance into your life. By dedicating just one hour of your time to this guided session, you can unlock the path to financial freedom and create a life of prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.

So, why should you invest your valuable time in this guided affirmation session? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  • Abundance Mindset: Develop a mindset that attracts wealth and prosperity. These affirmations work to reprogram your subconscious beliefs about money, abundance, and prosperity, allowing you to align your thoughts with unlimited possibilities. Shift your perspective and open yourself up to receiving abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Financial Empowerment: Take control of your financial destiny. These affirmations empower you to step into your personal power, make confident financial decisions, and attract opportunities for wealth creation. Embrace your innate ability to manifest financial abundance and live a life of financial freedom.
  • Prosperity Consciousness: Cultivate a consciousness of prosperity and abundance. These affirmations help you let go of scarcity mindset, fears, and limiting beliefs around money, allowing you to tap into the infinite abundance of the universe. Awaken your prosperity consciousness and invite abundance into every aspect of your life.
  • Wealth Magnetism: Attract wealth and opportunities into your life. These affirmations serve as a magnetic force, drawing financial abundance and prosperity towards you. By consistently affirming your ability to attract wealth, you create a vibrational alignment with money, paving the way for opportunities, success, and prosperity.
  • Empowered Action: Combine affirmations with inspired action. These affirmations inspire you to take proactive steps towards your financial goals. Embrace a mindset of resourcefulness, creativity, and resilience, allowing you to navigate the world of wealth and abundance with confidence and clarity.

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You will study at your own pace and have Annindita on your side to assist you in getting the most out of your training and meditations.


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Our students love the meditations that are part of the Meditation Library. You will begin to feel the power of these meditations immediately and the physical manifestations will follow soon.


Annindita's NLP based educational approach focuses on multiple modality learning. It create massive positive changes through replacing old thought patterns with new and desirable behavior.


Professional and friendly customer support available to help you with any question. We are here for you via email, chat, and phone.


The meditations are delivered in a mobile friendly format so you can easily learn on the go. *Compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone and Android devices to name a few. 

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