6 Ways to Find Your Passion

When people say, “Just find your passion!”, it would be easy only if you knew what your passion really is.

You may work hard, committed, diligent and persistent. If you are the type of person who knows what you’re doing, nothing can probably ever stop you. However, being unstoppable starts from having a clear sense of why you are starting in the first place. Following your passion requires finding it first.

If you think you’re stuck, here are 6 ways to discover what your passion really is and what you really want to do with your life. Don’t stress over having to acquire it in a short time. You’ll get to it. Work it out.

Begin with a correct perspective
If you walk into a restaurant and strongly express “I am not hungry. I don’t need more food. I’m not interested in the menu” – you are most likely not to find any food appealing.


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This also applies to your passion-seeking. If you believe finding something you will be passionate about is hard, you are close to not doing anything at all. You block the little things that might just guide you towards it. How do you find something to be fulfilling if you won’t give it a try or you just wouldn’t believe it exists?

Choose the “I Can “ perspective so that you can do what you love in life. Surround yourself with people who are examples of a purpose-driven life. If it’s not so many, expand your circle and associate with people who are passionate and inspired with their work.

2. Get out your metal detector
As soon as you decide what your passion is about, look around. Look for the things, those shreds of evidence that may add proof to your passion. You may have not known it before but there’s always something you are unconsciously passionate about. Consider yourself a treasure hunter and dig deep into your inner treasures. List down the things that truly matter to you especially in your peak moments and do not be distracted.

3. Look for the umbrella
You might seem to think that all those treasures you found were actually not connected at all. Like finding milk, carrots, and tofu in your cupboard and you think “what am I gonna cookout of these?” The best way to answer that is to find an umbrella. A common denominator.

One example would be that of a funky businesswoman whose passion for ingredients is somewhat disconnected. She previously ran a French lifestyle boutique. She became a leader known to communicate with her potential clients effectively and she has built a Pinterest profile that is so recognizable which features her favorite coffee houses. All these things fit under her umbrella and she made use of it to help her stand out and attract clients.

4. Differentiate a hobby and a profitable passion

Sometimes you would be so engulfed with doing something that makes your heart light up. But that doesn’t stop there. Do you need to ask yourself who would benefit from that passion of yours?

If you want to be a contributing factor in society and earn out of the things you love to do, be realistic and evaluate if you could actually turn this into a career. Think about what you need to do to turn your passion from a “love to do” to a “have to do.”

One example is Lisa who loves to draw and is so joyful about it. When she tried making passion into a business, she understood that the market is business owners who need graphics and illustrations for blogs and websites. Her passion for drawing is not the only ingredient here. She realized she also needs to add technical skills for her works to be usable online by her clients.

Be mindful of the market and the audience you would want to attract, Communicate with them so you know how and what to serve them.

5. Expect the opposition

Seeking your passion will also imply acknowledging rebellions. These might come from your self-doubts, fears, failure, and vulnerability- all that which are existing to tell you you can’t do it and you must not do it.

If you acknowledge and entertain this mutiny, it will take a toll on you. Your passion will be out of grasp. Set sail and reassure that you are sailing in the right direction, with the right wind.

6. Be brave, little one

“Leap and the net will appear” is something like finding the new by letting go of the old. As you step out, it’s a leap of faith. You are trying to defy the odds with courage and bravery. The journey to your passion is doing things you are scared of but not dwelling on the fear itself. You are expanding your bubble, your comfort zone instead of leaving it.

Your passion will not only benefit you but the world as well. Get into the perspective, a mindset that everything is possible, and use this as your guiding light.

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