How to know if you are a Shaman?

Here are 10 telltale signs to know that you are a shaman.

1. Sensing the responsibility of participating in the Global shift for consciousness.
We all notice the world is continuously changing but those people who were with the Shamanic archetype stay the same. They feel like they are being pulled for having a leadership position in the transformation of human consciousness and evolution.

2. Experiencing difficulties that will prepare you for having a leadership role.
In indigenous societies, the town knew who the shaman was because he or she was struck by lightning and survived. In present-day culture, you may not be struck by lightning, but rather you may have survived some other life or heart-debilitating difficulty. You may have encountered youth manhandle, sexual brutality, a close demise involvement, or some other injury that put you through and fashioned you into the recuperating earth shaman you are getting to be.

3. You love to be alone.
Shamans like to explore both seen and unseen worlds, if you are the shamanic type you will be having difficulty handling the real world where it will leave you no choice but to get into your consciousness that makes you feel comfortable.

4.You are at home with nature.
You are a bridge between humans and nature. Most of the time you feel a communion with the natural world.

5. You sense differently than others.
You will feel, see, hear, feel or sense things around you differently from that of an ordinary person. You may feel it difficult though if you are stuck in public which causes your senses to be overstimulated. People may see you as someone highly sensitive. However, this is a blessing. Not all people receive this gift.


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6. You are inclined to help suffering beings as if it’s a spiritual calling.
You do not need to be a professional medical practitioner to embody the shamanic archetype. It often manifests itself in your need to aid suffering people or animals. It just comes out naturally.

7. You experience ailments categorized as shaman sickness.
Being a shaman does not exempt you from acquiring or experiencing natural physical ailments. However, this is often common to those who were called but did not accept the call. These shamanic illnesses are often difficult to treat like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, chronic pain disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

8. Your dreams are clearer and more vivid.
The other dimension may be communicating with you in your dreams. Do not be afraid of it. Analyze your dreams and be attentive to any symbols, images, or even animal totems that appear. Write it down and search for it.

9. Alongside your sensitivity, you also discover spiritual powers yogis call the “siddhis:
You might be able to heal people or telepathically communicate with them. You might be even able to communicate with inanimate objects.

10. You might feel that you don’t belong.
In olden times, shamans do not usually live in an ordinary setup like that of a busy village. Today, shamans may notice that they don’t belong anywhere. There is nothing bad about this. Remember, you are a bridge between humans and the unseen realm. Yours is an essential role. You do fit in with those who share the same shamanic attributes as you. Always consider being a shaman as a blessing rather than a burden.

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