Are You an Empath?

The term ’empath’ is often used to describe a person whose brain and the central nervous system works uniquely. Empaths can understand people, resonate with them and be in tune with them, voluntarily or involuntarily.

In simpler terms, an empath has a high degree of overall sensitivity. Empath’s sensory organs have a unique level of sensitivity to light, smell, sound, and even other subtle senses. However, the degree and intensity of their sensitivity are dependent on their natural abilities. They also possess a very sensitive emotional nature that is somehow quite difficult to manage. Sensitivity though is only one part of being an empath.


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The thing is, empaths are very, very intuitive. Some things that most people can’t see yet, empaths tend to do things by feeling, sensing, and reacting to cues. They are, for the most part, driven by deep intuitive connections which are primarily conscious and automatic ones. At times, what an empath senses or knows cannot be immediately verified but as soon as they master their gifts, hunches, and gut feelings, these senses become invaluable.

Empaths are mostly known to have a deep sense of knowing accompanied by compassion, being considerate, and a deep understanding of others. These gifts may sound very intimidating, but the truth is, these are worth honing and celebrating. Empaths make wonderful healers, lightworkers, leaders, and practitioners. Their contributions are valuable especially to those who are needed and who wish to change the world.

Take the quiz below and find out if you are an empath yourself:


1. Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded situations?
2. Do you feel the need to help others and are drawn to provide valuable contributions to the world?
3. Do people and even strangers come to you to share their life stories and find you easy to talk to?
4. Do you repeatedly have the same emotion or sensation around a specific person?
5. Do you prefer nature’s energy like the ocean or forest over the city?
6. Do you strongly react to violence and tend to avoid horror movies, news, and any stories that show violent acts?
7. Do you influence other people’s moods?
8. Does your mood tend to change depending on who you are with inside the room?
9. Do you tend to cry easily and find yourself having a difficult time containing your emotions?
10. Do you find yourself requiring a lot of sleep after visiting a friend or a loved one who’s hurting?
11. Do you often feel and understand the pain of others?
12. Are you good at reading between the lines of what people say (understanding ulterior messages)?
13. Do you tend to care for others more than yourself sometimes?

10-13 YES’S

With this score, you are most likely an empath. Your aliases can go on and on from “Earth Angel,” healer, holistic practitioner, lightworker, Indigo child/parent. There may be many terms that fall under the empath category, but the common thing is that you have beautiful gifts of compassion, love, empathy, and healing. The world needs you to embrace these gifts and share them back with the world. If this sounds like you, you have a calling to work and help others shape the world.

6-10 YES’S

You are beyond the average person. You most likely have empathic gifts with this score. What you need to do is to awaken your gifts and abilities and strengthen your awareness of them. Consider yourself exploring deeper into possibilities and be ready to find and fulfill your beautiful and sacred life purpose.


A score like this may imply that you may be sensitive but not necessarily empathic. Honor your boundaries and try elevating your awareness more to what feels right and what feels wrong. Doing this will help you feel better as one sensitive being.


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