As Within So Without

Without us knowing, we always mirror our Self in the Universe. Without doing so, we cannot have the opportunity to know ourselves in a deeper sense.

Mirroring does not necessarily mean that when others are doing bad, you two are alike. When you look at the mirror, how you look is being reflected.

This allows you to see your image in a detailed perspective and evaluate yourself. Seeing someone else can provide you with a clear mirror to reflect about your own thoughts about that person and also your judgments towards yourself because it is one and the same thing.

Do you see yourself being prejudiced or more of a compassionate one?

Do you label someone who steals food for his family as a “criminal”?

As what most people do, humans tend to narrow down judgements into two – right and wrong. However, who really sets these standards? How do we know if it is right and wrong?

Those who are in authority and have greater power are the ones whom society calls to judge accordingly.

Life is richer and more complex than what we see on the surface.

We are all ONE although we appear to be in separate identities or as separate beings, When we remember who we are, we will be more united rather than secluded.

This is the true essence of the old adage, “As within so without, As above, so below”.


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