Four Powerful Effects of Meditation

When we hear the word meditation, we often think of sitting in a yoga position stretching our hands in a sideways position with our thumb and middle finger touching each other- a common image of a state of “inner peace”. What more do we actually get with meditation?

Meditation is a complete acceptance or being at one with ourselves and a direct communion with our innermost being.

These four elements are being flourished when we meditate.

Steadfastness: Practicing meditation has been known to help strengthen our ability to withstand what life throws at us. Bouncing back from challenges would be a piece of cake.
Clear seeing: Meditating helps hover down insecurities and denials one must have utterly suppressed. In a world where people are putting up facade to hide their real motives, meditating eliminates this tendency giving us clearer pictures and helping us become more honest and genuine to ourselves.
Letting emotional distress flow through: It is always normal to experience downfalls in one way or another. Rather than denying it or repressing the emotions, we open our spiritual heart to the restlessness of our own psyche and energy. We learn to abide by the emotions but not dwell and proliferate.
Carpe diem: We ourselves have our own set of choices as we walk through the uncertainties of life. We can choose to live in the past or make the best out of the moment. Being fully “here” develops a higher quality of attention which is inherent in our ability to be more loving and compassionate to both ourselves and others.

These four factors are not only applicable to being in a sitting “resting” state but are all essential in our day-to-day interactions with people and everything that surrounds us.

Everybody does encounter difficulties, right? At the end of the day, we find out what’s important and that is enlightenment and compassion that brings about inner peace we all keep on searching for.


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