Energy Therapy for Chronic Health Issues

Throughout our lives, experiencing pain through injuries or illnesses is inevitable. However, if we try to see these experiences from a more holistic perspective, these encounters may seem to be rather fascinating. They would eventually help us seek the pathways our souls must journey through.

One of the fastest ways of knowing our true nature is to prioritize things that are far more significant and eventually avoiding the materialistic mindset we often have.

If we allow ourselves to become enslaved by these material possessions and the like, we will live in a system where opening up to various possibilities is barred. Hence, our minds will be narrowed, or worse, it will close without a true and effective solution for recovery.

Oftentimes, the process of healing takes a long while. Sometimes, it may or may not happen at all. But these are due to not recognizing and addressing our true natures. We must look and realize our experiences and analyze how they have created an impact in our lives, may it be positive or negative.

There must be an equilibrium in our bodies; otherwise, they will go back to their previous ill and injured state. As such, there will be a need for drugs and surgery in emergency cases in which the energy system in one's body is far too imbalanced. However, results may or may not be effective for the patient.



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The physical aspect of a person is merely an image of the vibrational pattern inside him/her. The root cause of positive vibrations or negative injuries is located in one's emotional, spiritual, and even mental bodies of consciousness.

Seers and yogis somehow emphasized the notion that life is a “Maya” or illusion for years. They often emphasized that “we are energy,” that our souls are embodied by great vibrations and the like. Nowadays, quantum is also making its way to catch up on these perspectives.

When clients share their experiences with their peers or even strangers, usually, there occurs an expected adverse reaction from reductionist minds. As such, the illness is psychosomatic; meaning that it all comes from within; it may or may not be an internal conflict or stress. Hence, one must discover other essential realities and truths outside their comfort zones.

Through persistence and diligence in seeking truths, one will be able to gain a deeper level of awareness, one would be able to associate with a more profound awareness that goes beyond limits rather than just being a mere physical body alone. A more profound indispensable nature that helps us work through energy rather than just working with matter; seeing more essential intangible dimensions rather than predicted tangible spectrums.

These, of course, would only be attained through sufficiently raising our consciousness. Considering that our intellect is linked to our rational minds alone, it is not enough to only consider the significance of the intellectual study. If we associate with our more comprehensive intuitive wisdom, we could obtain a more profound perspective about awareness.

There are several cases at this certain level wherein the pain caused by the illness or injury is predictably intense and could weaken a person. Somehow, in cases like these, it may not be an intangible issue such as an energy blockage. However, through energy-based solutions, things were truly proven that sometimes, they are not what they seem to be. Somehow, there are some things deeper than their physicality or their obvious appearance alone.

For about a week, a sixty-year-old woman was not able to lift her arm. She was diligent enough to be mindful about her medication and tried many methods to heal her affected arm; she tried applying compresses to the affected area with the help of her husband massaging the affected area now and then. However, there was no sign of improvement. She considered getting a cortisone injection. Now, cortisone injection was recently discovered that it could make things even worse rather than fixing or healing them. Our bodies heal themselves by inflammation and cortisone is barring the inflammation process in our bodies. Hence, it would also stop the process of healing.

Trying to identify the energetic stain expressed in one's body cells, making considerate adjustments to the affected area, the sixty-year-old woman was surprised at how her pain eased and was eradicated only after a couple of days.

As Siddharta Gautama or Buddha claimed, “The mind is everything.” Indeed, everything we experience comes from the powers of our minds.

The essential questions in identifying our mind will then be, “to what extent do internal energy patterns create an impact on physical pain?” It would also lead to, “how could one recognize an energetic root cause?” Of course, these must be asked through a more empowered energetic perspective.

Powerful testimonials by clients and those who were healed are great sources of motivation to spread the word and acceptance for energy healing. This would also help others learn a deeper level of awareness rather than just seeing what our naked eyes can see.

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