How to Activate your Light Body?

Human evolution is progressing in a rather rapid state than we could ever imagine. We are not just living in the present but are also looking back at the past to understand better how to deal with our future. However, we also discover that Mystery Schools were forgotten, legends of people levitating were forgotten, the knowledge of yogis was also forgotten. The teachings and traditions were reserved skills for the highest initiates which form the foundation of god-like feats.

What is a Light Body?

This term is quite complicated so let’s understand the basics surrounding this concept. In simple terms, a light body is like a medium that we use as we exit our ordinary state and go back to our divine source. If the goal of each soul is to connect and merge with God, our light body will help us get there.

Everything is energy, as mystical traditions would say. Our bodies and the things around us are made of billions of molecules, each acting its cosmos. We can never say that all things are just physical because there exists a culmination of constantly moving energy that creates matter.

Knowing how to use the highest form is the work of the sages. Today, this knowledge has become the practice of the awakened collective.


The human body has an energy field that is made up of several layers. The etheric body, mental body, astral body, and emotional all refer to the several aspects of the light body. Beyond all these densities are ways for activating the higher functions of the light body.


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Using electrical impulses, the energetic bodies can be detected. Kirlian photography or aura photos can capture such images. Shamans and gifted healers work within this field.

MERKABA: An Egyptian term translated as Mer (light) Ka (soul) Ba (body).
This term is referred to as the chariot of the soul that needs to be activated to achieve ascension.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has been extensively teaching this knowledge. Achieving ascension is not an easy path to take. It requires specific breathwork, visualization for activating the light body. While books and online meditation guides are available, attending a workshop is still necessary to accurately achieve the above-mentioned precise steps.

RAINBOW BODY: After activating the light body, you move forward to deeper and more sincere practices to elevate the light body and achieve the rainbow body state. This state is the result of unconditional love.

The rainbow body will ignite as every wound is healed, every thought is purified, every judgment is released.

Both Jesus Christ and Buddha ascended in this form. AS they perfected as humans, they became gods and showed the people how to achieve this frequency, a frequency of unconditional love. The teachings of both masters illuminate the path for others to follow.


As we acquire more energy, slowly it activates the light body in us. We become purer and purer as we magnify the unconditional love in us and the negative feelings fade. We illuminate thus activating the MerKaBa. As we illuminate, we achieve the rainbow state which is the mark that we dissolve and ascend to our source. There we can become the form we wish to become and even become immortal.

Only through the Merkaba can we ascend with its help and we must do that as we illuminate the light body in us.


Now one may mistake the light body as some kind of light we acquire. It is somehow like that but in a much different sense. As mentioned above, the Aura photos cannot be only seen but also felt.

Have you had an experience when you are around someone who is always cheerful and has always been kind to everyone? You get that nice feeling inside where you are influenced by the spirit or energy of that someone. That is what they call Aura. When you are kind or just simply been able to brighten up someone’s day, you feel happy inside. This is what activates the energy inside of you. You are slowly acquiring a light body in you.

On the other hand, when you are around tensed and stressed people, the tendency is you get tensed and stressed as well. You are influenced by their aura, and this is not a way to activate the light body in you. When you are around people with positive energy, you have a spiritual alignment; your spirit connects thus illuminating more of what is already inside you since the beginning.

While shamans, gurus, and spiritual healers can guide and help you through it, it does not simply work that way. Acquiring the energies to activate the light body is a way of life. What you do each day, even your innermost thoughts may attract or ward off energies that you need.

What is the Essence of the Light Body?

While many of us care more about our outward appearance, we must be reminded all the time that we are much more than that. We are much more than our physical appearance. There is a spirit inside of us. Our Source who is also our maker wants us all back and we, in return must do our part because we are not just here for nothing.

The Blessings of Suppression

You may think that the knowledge of light bodies and ascension is a great key to understanding more of our main purpose of human existence and yet is kept from us with all these great ideas going on in our society. The main reason why these have been kept from us is that ascension is not a simple thing. Again, it is a way of life. With the standard of the world nowadays falling apart where people create memes and comedic hashtags for things that are complex and even sacred, you can see that we are not ready for that yet. Or no one can achieve that yet.

The Point of Discernment

So even if the things about the light body have been taught by many, it takes a whole life to master its way. Even shamans and guru themselves are still mastering it. There are many techniques taught on the internet especially on YouTube, but you should know that many of these have been already manipulated and modified. That is why discernment is essential as to which practice is right and which one should you follow.

As you prepare your mind and your spirit, you need help so you must seek the most trusted and greatest teacher you know. You alone can discern it, and you can feel it.

How to Activate your Light Body

Since I said above that achieving the activation of the light body is a lifetime pursuit, it is a way of life the way is not easy. Not one soul can achieve it that easily and so we must master its way first. After all, being God’s is not easy. So here are a few things you can do to activate the light body in you.

1. Raise Your Vibration

Vibration is what makes you illuminate, and that includes the purity inside of you. You must first clear out whatever is inside that makes it difficult for you to be pure and to vibrate the energy within.

2. Pineal Gland Decalcification

The Pineal Gland is a small endocrine gland that affects the modulation of our sleeping pattern. You should be able to decalcify it to increase your awareness level. Fluoride is said to contain an element that can shut it down.

3. Food

They say that you are what you eat. Whatever we intake into our bodies becomes a part of us so you should be mindful of what you eat. You should know how it is prepared, where did it come from and what it is made up of. It is way better to produce it yourself and prepare it yourself. Food gives you cellular vibration so be mindful of what you eat. Blessing your food can help as well.

4. Meditation / Prayer

In connection to blessing your food, you should also be able to meditate and connect with the universe. When you pray, you connect yourself to the unknown and the energies that surround you. This helps you become more at ease and attract more vibration in you. It also helps you connect wisdom with your heart.

5. Music and Sound

Music can make you travel through space and time in your mind. It brings back memories and brings up emotions. The beats, melodies, and words create vibration in your soul. It soothes the soul and calms your spirit. Of course, you must choose music that attracts positive energy that will connect to your soul.

The master of sound, Tom Kenyon, is known for his auditory activations that greatly help in your growth.

6. Laughter

When you laugh, we attract positive energy and vibrations. It gives us higher frequencies. Korean shamans suggest laughter as healing tools especially when we constantly feel negative emotions like depression, anger, or irritation.

7. Nature

Since we are trying to connect with the universe, it is good that you also expose yourself to nature. Nature is a part of the universe and helps you connect with the vibration and rhythm of it. It leads you away from the frequency of the human world and attracts more energy.

8. The Sun

The sun gives too much energy and being able to expose yourself to it gives you higher frequencies. It also helps in decalcifying your pineal gland.

9. Be Clear
Since you should be pure inside, one way to do so is, of course, to be clear in your heart and your mind. When you have a clear conscience and no guilt at all, you attract more vibration inside of you.

Meditation for Light Body Activation

To do this, you must be relaxed and comfortable. Put no stress on yourself and clear your mind.
Visualize yourself sitting inside a pyramid and fill it with the color of lightning.
-Breath normally and see the pyramid as if the tip is at the base of your heart and the other resting on the earth.
-When you can feel it, exhale from your navel with force as you are sending a sphere of golden light.
-Breath deeply and feel everything around you
-Once you start feeling the three elements, spin it clockwise. You will feel that there is an activation of a higher frequency.
-You will feel a slight difference in your body. Your light body has been activated.

The love you feel is what fuels the light body. It is what lights it, and when you send it all around you, it heals the wound and pain you have felt. Love has the power to heal.

Feeling comfortable like this, you can return as you allow the MerKaBa to do so. Since the light body is activated, it will support you now.

Since we have been away from our source, we have lost that feeling of being with it. But, achieving ascension has been the purpose of our existence. Living in Ecstasy is our birthright. It is something that has always been with us. Our frequency is just mixed up and troubled with negative emotions but by magnifying love and illuminating the light body, we can achieve this state of ecstatic living.

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