How to Stop Blocking Your Intuition

Your spirit is that part of you as a person that is constantly seeking meaning and is purpose driven. Everyday we are faced with the choice of reinforcing it or draining that spirit and that choice is what we call “intuition”.

We are all born intuitive and some spiritual teachers like Carolyn Myss, believe that not listening to our Intuition can be the source of our greatest suffering. And I have to say that I totally agree with that perspective!

Not taking heed of our intuition- which is like a spiritual prompting – can often lead us to feeling guilt or betrayal, of which is actually our own choice. It’s a voice that kept on telling you something but you chose to ignore it anyway.

“This is the voice of your conscience. It’s the voice of your consciousness, your gut instinct,” Myss explains. “It’s the voice you don’t want to hear, that never turns off.”

Here are 6 reasons why you interfere or ignore your intuition. If you understand the nature of these roadblocks, you will be able to smoothly sail away and continue with your life.

Seeing yourself as not trustworthy.

Among many important things around, it’s ourselves that we actually think about the least. Thus, we often figure out a way to do things by being dependent on others. Why? Because we simply cannot put up with our own choices and that from the beginning of our lives, we were bound to follow other people\s command. We always seek the approval of others and if we are fixated to this concept, we will absolutely fail to understand that there is something deep within us that needs to come out and that is the autonomy and free will.

Fear is the leader, love is the follower.

Since you do not have enough or that you just do not trust yourself, you live in fear- fear of not being able to follow the rules.” What will other people say?” or “What if my parents would not approve of this?” are just a few of the what ifs we often slam on our face. Follow your intuition, your intuition is basically who you are. If you want to try ballet but fears to be ridiculed because of your masculine appearance, let them laugh at you. You’re not bound to always please other people.

Self doubt

No doubt you doubt yourself, it’s because you don’t trust yourself in the first place. Learn to stand up for yourself. Always give things a try. You might never know that you have better ideas because you just keep it down to yourself just because you feel mediocre.Ignoring those mini heart attacks
Bet all of us experienced suddenly waking up in a deep sleep remembering every choice you are about to take and then there’s that loud NO in your head. On the morrow, you continue with your plans and ignoring that urge to say NO.

You constantly ask for approval

Number 1 says you do not trust yourself. Well, it really makes a domino effect, doesn’t it?
“You cannot open up to your intuitive state, if you need to run to others for permission to hear it. It may be that you do not want to hear and live with consequences of listening to your intuition. You only want to hear the goodies that will cover your backside. The irony is you need to have the courage first to find out that you can survive the Unknown. You cannot have the unknown filled by anyone but yourself.” Caroline Myss

Other people’s opinions are very subjective as they see it in their own perspective and not on your position.

Physical Roadblocks

From the name itself “physical roadblocks”, these are certain things you keep on doing without realizing how it destroys your intuition. Take care of your body as this is where our inner being resides.

Get Back on Track

Try these methods regularly for 21 days and you’ll see how your body reacts to it.
Meditating, doing yoga, taking a reiki class, spending quality time in nature, pursuing creative activities that tap into your ‘right brain’ like painting, sculpting, or playing a musical instrument, swimming in the sea, diving or snorkelling, doing certain martial arts like Tai Ch’i and Qi Gong are a few to mention that can help you clear out your mind.

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