A complex region, to say the least, peace projects are not uncommon in the Middle East. In an attempt to bring the world together for a historic global meditation, Israelis gathered to form a human peace sign on the Ayalon-highway in a Jewish-Arab Community Centre last year around November 2017.

Called “The Field”, this event was held in Jerusalem’s Old City which resembles the name of Lynne Mctaggart’s revolutionary book which captivated the readers around the world with its theme on science and unseen spiritual dimensions. Other than being influenced by the book, the event was also inspired by different aspects. Thousands of Jews, Arabs and Christians were simultaneously connected to create a unanimous prayer and meditation through a worldwide union of peace energy.

Producers of the film, Eli Singer and Tsipi Raz were among the many who took part in this worldwide devotion. The event was broadcasted live with Dr Salah Al-Rashed, who ran a Middle Eastern summit in his UK studio beaming out a total of eight screens in eight different countries including Abu Dhabi, Tunisia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well as to a Jewish audience in Israel.

Small efforts like this event can create a massive difference in this world. Notwithstanding colour or culture, this effort was made to make the world a better place.

So I urge all my readers to take some time out from whatever you are doing right at this very moment and spend a moment or two to pray for world peace and make it a part of your daily ritual. It doesn’t take much time or effort but can make a huge difference.

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