According to Taoist masters, trees are powerful. Not only do they absorb carbon dioxide and change it into oxygen, but trees can also absorb negative energy and turn it into positive ones.

Rooted deep beneath the Earth and rising high to the sky, trees absorb both Earth and universal life force energy, also known as Ki (as in Reiki), Chi, Prana, Mana.

Taoists believe that trees are the most spiritually advanced as they constantly meditate with subtle energy. One can establish a relationship with trees as long as you understand the channels on how to communicate and open up these energy channels to cultivate calmness, presence, and vitality. Just like any human contact, constant connection is also beneficial for both trees and humans.

So how can you use this Chi Energy from trees for self-healing?

Follow these steps and heal yourself.

  1. Choose the right tree. Choosing the right tree is dependent on what type of remedy is needed. Big ones, like pines, are the best. A common subject of Chinese poetry and paintings, pines are considered to be “immortal trees”. Pines radiate Chi which nourishes the blood, strengthen the nervous system and aid in longevity while feeding both soul and spirit. You can have a wide range of trees to choose from. Big ones radiate maximum energy while those near water or streams are also best. Trees have different characteristics, as well. Constant practice and connection enable you to distinguish species from others. The characteristics of trees:
    • Cypresses and cedars lower temperature and feed yin energy.
    • Willows eliminate excess bodily moisture, strengthen the urinary system and even regulate blood pressure.
    • Elms are good for calming the mind and strengthening the stomach.
    • Maples fight dry winds and reduce pain.
    • Carobs eliminate internal heat and balance cardiovascular conditions.
    • Banyan trees or Bengali figs purify the heart and eliminate bodily moisture.
    • Cinnamon removes the cold from the heart and stomach.
    • Fir trees help heal bruises and aid in healing bone fractures.
    • Hawthorn's help digestion strengthen the intestine and regulate blood pressure.
    • Birches help regulate body temperature and detoxify the body.
    • Prunes feed the digestive system as well as calm the mind.
    • Figs regulate body temperature by increasing salivation and help cure diarrhea.
    • Knees help strengthen the urinary tract.
    • Small trees do not have enough energy while gigantic trees may drown you with power, so it’s best to select medium-sized or that which is enough.
  2.  Establish an energy relationship with the tree. Creating silent communion with a tree may sound a bit tricky but is pretty easy. Work with all types of trees and see which one works best for you. Be open and respectful to the tree. Do not push them too hard to meet your purposes. Do not be distant, but rather establish a connection by touching it. Be clear with your intentions. Touch, openness, sincerity, love will help create the connection. The following techniques are for you to practice:
    • Tree hugging. Absorb tree energy and return it to the tree by using the palms and insides of the arms to absorb and fingertips and outsides to return it.
    • Sitting facing the tree. Use the palms to absorb the tree Chi and send it down into the roots about ten feet.
    • Meditate near the tree. While sitting under the tree, absorb the energy points of the Microcosmic Orbit.
    • Standing facing the tree. Absorb the tree Chi and Earth energy through the crown.
  3. The healing process. Unlike human relationships, building connections with the tree require consistency. Regular visits and constant communication can do the job. Trees will even expect your presence.  Once you can establish that communion, allows yourself to relax and be in the moment, let the tree guide you to your healing. Trees have many different ways of approaching your concerns and might even give you guidance. Moreover, healing in your spiritual aspect will be tendered.

Forest bathing has been practiced in Japan where they cultivate silence through quiet time and absorbing the vibe of the trees. Taoism believes that trees will absorb negativities; thus, meditating with trees is a go-to for the healing process.

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