The 72/20 Method of Fitting Meditation Into Your Life

Our lives are undoubtedly busy and meditation often seems like an added task that we can barely fit into our daily schedules.

How do we break this cycle then?

Everything starts with how we make use of small but significant mental shifts in how we view our precious time.

Having thoughts during meditation is an indication that you are meditating effectively. Meditation is the complete opposite of the idea that it requires clearing away your mind. When our body goes into a deep state of rest especially during meditation, it naturally unlocks the stress and reorganizes itself at a higher level. You do not force yourself to create a crystal clear mind because that is impossible. Thoughts are natural. There is a direct relationship between the body and mind.

Meditation should be embraced in your life with four distinct characteristics.
1. It has to be a priority. That means, it is not something that is viewed as a luxury but as a must-have.
2. It has to be deep. A very deep state worth the practice.
3. It has to be blissful. Something very comfortable and relaxing.
4. Support system. Sometimes we do get off track, and good support can help you meditate consistently.

The 72/20 Method represents the 72 20-minute segments of our full 24 hours.


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That 72 gaps of 20 minutes make up your day. When you set aside at least two 20-minute segments out of your day, the other 70 will just be incredibly amazing. Regardless of what meditation you practice, It doesn't matter what type of meditation you practice as long as you give it a shot.

If you think you do not have two segments to spare, here's how you can do it.

Tom Cronin talks about him being an insomniac where he lies in bed for 8 hours but only gets to sleep for four hours. He then decided to creatively manipulate his time by taking two 20-minute segments a day. This led to full 8-hour sleep plus refreshed mornings. You see, our life is not stressful, but we have a stress response to certain stimuli. When we are frazzled and sleepy and not in good condition, this triggers those responses, making us think that life is indeed stressful.

Thus, the two 20-minute segments he takes out of his schedule every day created better and more dynamic seventy 20-minutes segments. It's not hard at all. It's very easy to set aside some time to fill in the gaps, and that is through a healthy and beneficial way- that is, meditation.

Some people also question the impact of meditation concerning religious practices. Meditation does not interfere but deepens your faith and spirituality instead. It keeps you focused on what you are currently paying attention to, and that's what makes meditation holistic.

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