How to Know You are not Spiritually Aligned?

Have you ever had those moments of uncertainty? How about not wanting to do anything at all or that you have way too many thoughts inside your mind?

Don’t worry. You’re not flying solo on that. Everyone of us faces these kinds of scenarios where we think we are average beings.

As a matter of fact, you are living normally! You are human so no worries. Just don’t let it overwhelm you.

“Contrast allows us to see what is not in alignment with our Authentic Selves, and then presents us with opportunity after opportunity to respond from a place of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, love, joy, gratitude, etc. Thus, when we break the karmic loop we swing back into alignment with Spirit.”
—Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace

Times like these are opportunities in disguise. Unfortunately, there are times we fail to recognize this as an opportunity for growth. Most of the time, we are more occupied with the illusion of being fine despite not being fine.

Here are five ways you can tell you’re out of spiritual alignment and how you can mend them!

Ever had that feeling of total burnout. Yes, you are not just tired but absolutely tired. You feel sick and that something is just not right. Fatigue happens when something is not aligned or authentic. Fatigue takes a lot of energy from you so it needs to be addressed ASAP.
But how? Ask these questions first:
Is there something I am inauthentic about?
What do I dream about when I sleep?

Try these out

  • Take some time to focus and do this through prayer or meditation. Also, look for symbols in your dreams as dreams may show hidden signs.
  • Go for a walk or maybe do some exercise. You’re not just shaking up your body but your energy as well.
  • Do a seated meditation pose or spinal rotations. Stand on your feet, raise your arms about shoulder length, and then twist your body back and forth. You can do this for 13 minutes or so.
  • Fragrance causes mood change. It’s nice to smell lemon or orange zest around your house. Use essential oils in a diffuser.


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2.Irregular Breathing

Why is breathing part of this list? Well, breathing is basically part of almost everything.
Coming from the Latin word “spiritus”, our breathing seems to explain it a lot. Patterns of breathing can come from different emotional factors.

Ask these to yourself:

  • What am I holding on to my life now? Am I dwelling in fear, anger, or resentment?
  • Where in my body does this tension come from?
  • Are there any parts in my body that need more focus?

Try these out:

  • Anger often precedes revenge. Before you could do any harm or feel resentful towards others, forgive.
  • Forgiving calms the heart and the mind.
  • Try the 4-7-8 Rhythmic breathing. First, relax your body. Ease out all tension. Next, inhale deeply into your stomach for a count of 4; hold it for about 7 seconds, and then release at the count of 8 with your lungs completely emptied out. You may repeat this a few more times.
  • If you are stressed or anxious, try out Epsom salt baths. Salts have this soothing and calming effect due to the presence of magnesium. Essential oils are also a great source of calming sensation. Try lavender (soothing and calming), geranium (promotes cheerfulness and prevents the mental downward spiral), fennel (for self-compassion), frankincense (relaxation), or eucalyptus (to promote respiratory circulation).

3. Loss of focus

With the busy lives that we all have, it’s no longer an issue how overwhelmed we are and occupied with so many things. However, there are those things we are distracted about but which are not even necessary. We tend to change the route to chase them but at the end of the day, you’re not even happy about it.

Ask these to yourself:

  • What are the things I am distracted about?
  • Why am I losing focus?

What is my highest priority and am I actually doing it?Try these out:

  • Make use of your time wisely.
  • Always make sure you are reminded of the things that matter most. Put those important “to-dos” in a place where you can easily see them and be reminded of them.
  • Try visualization meditation. You can do this by creating a 50-minute power time for each of your working hours. Take 5-10 minutes of short breaks whilst visualizing what you are going to do or what you want to happen in the next hour. If this would not be possible, do this as a morning routine.
    You can also put essential oils like peppermint in your temples. Peppermint is highly recommended for concentration and focus.

4. Sadness and/or depression

As humans, we are bound to experience so many things including those that are inevitable and not in control of, thus making it hard to fathom. Loss- from your job to your loved one – can create such sadness inside us that it destroys us if we dwell too hard on it. It causes fear of almost everything – rejection, abandonment, and eventually, death.

Ask these to yourself:

  • Why am I holding onto grief? Does holding so much sadness in me make me relive the past?
  • Why do I feel that I lost something?
  • What are the things that I refuse to acknowledge?

Try these out:

  • Every day, list down 5 to 10 things you are truly grateful for. You’ll be amazed how small things actually count!
  • If you can be a little daring, try sending out a note to someone with whom you have been struggling to communicate peacefully with. You’ll find out that miracles do work.
  • Again, essential oils can be a great source of relief. Try mixing a glass of water with a few drops of essential oils. Of course, make sure that the oil you’ll be using is edible. Grapefruit for example promotes positivity and joy.

5. Irritability

Sometimes, everything just gets on your nerves, right? There are many factors why we come to a point of irritability. Proper diet, enough exercise, hydration, and maintaining your high level of energy can stabilize this issue.

  • Ask these to yourself:
  • Am I following a proper diet? Do I consume caffeine, sugar, and alcohol beyond what I should have?
  • Do I get enough sleep at night?
  • Am I keeping myself healthy?
  • Is my sex life fulfilled?

Try these out:

  • Increase your vegetable and fruit intake.
  • Always hydrate yourself with 100 oz of water every day.
  • Try cutting out caffeine, sugar, or alcohol for a couple of weeks and surely you’ll notice some changes in your mood.
  • The following essential oils are a good help too: clary sage, sandalwood, or thyme.
  • Try eye-gazing meditation with your romantic partner.
  • There is this thing called “touch therapy” that induces peaceful and calming sensations.

Our body is our temple. There’s nothing more revitalizing than getting back in touch with your soul to promote deeper mind-body-spirit connections.

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