The Art of Letting Go

Are you feeling dull lately? Is your job no longer motivating or your relationship no longer inviting?

Truly, at some point in our lives we experience facing a number of trials that are too much for us to handle. If we could just press a restart button and start again or fast forward with our lives so to skip what’s happening in the present, we could have done it long before.

Nobody is exempted from being fed up with what’s being thrown at you and mind you, moving on is not a harmful thing but may be a step to welcoming new changes.

However, moving on requires cleaning your vibration first.If you do not, the possible underlying reasons may spoil and recreate the same patterns in your next job or relationship.

You may leave your current job but may find it hard to get along with your new work environment as that vibration you previously had is still within you. You may come off too excited and vigorous at first but the next thing you know, you are slowly losing the energy.

Basically this happens when you keep on taking these negative vibrations with you. A high probability of these vibrations reappearing can interfere with what you are trying to get over with.

Your thoughts and feelings are basic sources of your everyday behavior. Your dominant state of mind will determine what you will most likely experience.

Why clean up?

Doing the vibrational work not only resets your state of mind but also creates new experiences. If you do clean up your vibrations, you might even do some changes on the situations you are in. you might recreate new patterns of behavior that will most likely change your outlook and perspective. You might even want to stay in the relationship or job and find yourself in a happier state.

However, if you do wish to start moving on and letting go of the past, let go of your vibrations and create new ones that are more meaningful and be more adaptable to new and stimulating experiences.

The best thing you can do is to enjoy every moment of the here and now while creating meaningful experiences to bring with you in the future.


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