Explaining Energy Healing

Energy Healing might be a vague concept to others.

As an energy healer, it is not that easy to explain to people what is energy healing and how it works. Oftentimes, even energy healers differ in explanations which all the more causes confusions.

To make sure energy healing is understood , the following ideas can be useful:

  1. Looking beyond the symptoms

Energy healing does not see and readily judge on what is tangible and visible but see things beyond. Underlying causes are looked into before things come out as symptoms.

In a relationship per se, every relationship would come off with sparks and butterflies in the stomach but as time would pass by, one may notice how feelings and emotion deteriorate. Women, for example, who experienced a heartbreak may generalize men to be heartbreakers. This statement relies only on a subjective point rather than looking beyond what could have happened for such relationships to fail.

  1. What about the underlying cause?

A famous quote says, “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve”. If you think that you are a person of downward energy, your body will actually do so. People will resonate with what you try to express. Be a person of positive energy and others will vicariously do so. When you recognize the root cause, you can actually change it and that’s how energy healing does.

  1. Change your momentum

Our future may come in a strange line, but what energy healing does is that it allows you to turn on a slight degree and change for the better. It doesn’t matter how much of a turn it would be. The next thing you’ll know is that you are actually farther away from your old path as time passes by.

  1. Change will come

Energy healing is not about immediate and overnight results. Results would actually come as you keep pressing forward rather than hoping that you change your life in a snap. You’ll eventually feel different and find yourself in a different place.


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