The Effect of Thoughts on Your Life Force Energy

Your body is a complex yet sophisticated one because of the intricately combined biology inside of you. This exists because of their linkage to a Source.

With the aid of modern technology , advances in medication have also long been improving. However, despite all these, vibration imbalance is still an underrated concept of understanding illnesses and hence diseases still continue to spread out and increase in number because of the primary focus on it , and not on its root cause.

Illnesses and bodily issues began in the body even before they were noticed. Reiki healing practitioners will feel “hibiki” or disturbances in the energy in your body. Rebalancing these disturbances can heal diseases.

Basically, illnesses in your body appear because of misalignment with your Source.

Being constantly caught up in chronically negative thoughts or just being negative for the most part hinders your body’s health and physical well-being. Tendency is, you drown yourself in misalignment which basically manifests itself through illnesses and bodily discomfort.

However, illnesses usually appear in a few months or years. Diagnosis will be made by the doctor and then you take in medications in the hope of healing these illnesses.

Fortunately, Well-being is a continuous stream rather than in a stagnant form. No worries, you can and will always have it .

Additionally, ours is a body that reconstructs and regenerates itself, it is self-organising and self-sustaining..

For the most part, facing some serious illness can cause you to be preoccupied with fear and your thoughts would most likely be moved in that direction. However, it pays to have a stronghold of your vibrational balance to keep yourself in tune.

In my book, The Healing Sutras, I dive deeper into a lot of tools and techniques that you can start incorporating in your daily life to raise your vibration and keep your life force energy or prana vibrant.

Meditation and Yoga are also highly recommended to help you raise your vibration.


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