How Your Emotions About Money Shape Your Financial Reality

Criticism of how others earn or use money always makes your financial well-being harder to achieve.

Money is considered to be one of the basic parts of our lives. It is so important that it impacts our daily experiences as having and enjoying money is part of our core nature.

Chronically negative thoughts about money being the source of all evil or the source of all problems are beliefs and negativities that actually deny the money to come to you. It’s as if you are putting a great wall not allowing well-being to change your course in life.

You cannot criticize something and have it at the same time. That’s not how it works.

When you feel bitterness inside you and become critical of how others earn money, this only suggests that you have that same desire to earn and spend money.

Some people may be financially free but still think that they do not have enough. Believing that life is a constant struggle, money goes out faster than it comes in, or that you need to work harder to earn money, are beliefs that are contrary to what your Source or Inner Being knows.

Any limiting beliefs that you cling to forms an invisible matrix that adheres to the Law of Attraction. Always remember that the Law of Attraction is so powerful that it listens from your thoughts to your feelings in real-time.

The Path to Financial Well-being

From financial well-being to greater health, these paths are all emotional ones.

Regardless of how many years you’ve been working out to achieve that financial well-being, it would have not required a lot of time unless you are holding thoughts that are contrary to what you have always wanted. If you put a state of mind that your goal is achievable and every step is closer to achieving that goal, you actually feel good.

Moreover, becoming financially free regardless of where you are standing right now cannot be achieved without a vibrational alignment of thought, feeling, and action.


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What You Feel is What Your Vibrational Balance Is

Being vocal about wanting money but feeling uncomfortable or fearing that you would never have enough is still a sign of speaking negatively about money. What you say is contrary to what you truly feel.

The first thing you would want to do is to rebalance your thoughts first then take action.

When you change your thoughts from “no I’m not having any” to “I’ll be having more of it”, results do not necessarily come out in a single leap but rather on an incremental basis. Oftentimes, people would start taking stock way too early and think that the Law of Attraction is new age mumbo-jumbo and so they fail or eventually give up.

Remember that your old thought patterns have gained a certain amount of momentum. And so the new thoughts will need some time to gain enough momentum to overcome the previous negative momentum that was set on track by you.

Regardless of what the subject is, cleaning up your vibration (your thoughts and feelings) is by far the most guiding way to balancing your vibration. Because if you don’t have the power to change your life then who does?

Starting today, commit yourself to get back in touch with your true feelings on the subject of money and align yourself with Source Energy.

“The negative emotion that you feel as you acknowledge that you cannot afford something that you want is one way of understanding the balance of your thoughts, and the amount of abundance that you are actually experiencing is another way of knowing” – Abraham-Hicks

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