The Power of Reiki Healing

The hands are a powerful, essential tool, especially at a doctor’s disposal. The hands are a vital part of any medical practice, whether they are handling a scalpel, administering vaccination, or fixing a broken bone. Talking about healing, some say that a skilled set of hands are all you need for healing any major malady.

Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual medicine developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui. This form of healing employs the hands of those with perceived qualities to transfer energy into the bodies of the ailing.

For those who are willing to receive the energy transferred to them, the results cannot be denied. Just check some of the testimonials of our Reiki Complete Healing Club members who all benefited from Reiki healing.

They say the results speak for themselves. Reiki practitioners do not bother boasting off the results of Reiki healing.

While Reiki has extended for almost 100 years, it is still mostly unaccepted as a legitimate healing practice due to a lack of enough scientific evidence to support their claim.

It may also be hard to find insurance companies willing to cover Reiki treatment costs.

Reiki is limitless in terms of its benefits to human beings. The benefits of Reiki and making it right for you is a personal choice. Those who believe can attest to it, while those cynical are less likely to experience the full benefits Reiki has to offer. Maybe it is high time for doubters to start checking for a remedy for a closed mind.



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