The Connection of the Pineal Gland and the Third Eye Chakra

We know that our body has seven energy centers known as chakras and that these chakras are connected to the organs in the body.

The third eye is our greatest gift that can help us connect to the source, and to remind us of the existence of a universe that is much more mystical than what we can perceive through our physical senses. When the third eye is awakened along with its corresponding pineal gland, we can attain supernatural telepathic senses, psychic vision, and most especially an intimate connection with God.

When talking about consciousness well-being, the pineal gland is rarely unmentioned. Understanding the pineal gland is an imperative step to attaining full potential.

What is the Pineal Gland?

Located in the middle of the brain, the pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone. The pineal gland was primarily seen before as a revered tool of seers and mystics but is now dormant, with its divine purpose lost over the ages.

This organ was once seen as an organ of supreme universal connection and is significantly part of every culture throughout the world.

The Pineal Gland and The Third Eye

We can imagine our chakras as wheels of energy spiraling upward inside our bodies. The chakra system is the way the spirit moves within the physical body. These energy systems need to be kept open and balanced for optimal human function. Any stagnation or blockage within the chakra system can affect the physical body in the manifestation of uneasiness, depression, or illness.


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The chakras are ruled by the organs but are not necessarily confined to a specific location. For example, the heart chakra is in the center of the chest, but the heart is physically located on the left side. The same goes for the third eye chakra which is located at the center of the forehead, near the pineal gland.

The third eye chakra is known in the Hindu system as Ajna Chakra. When the Ajna chakra is closed, it is said that the person will experience confusion, uncertainty, cynicism, and pessimism.

Esoteric tradition revered the third eye as a connection to the divine. It is seen as the space between humans and God that isolates us due to human condition experiences. Only through an open and vibrant third eye chakra can we find our highest source of ethereal energy. A path towards higher spiritual connection is offered as we expand our third-eye awareness.

The Function of the Pineal Gland

Despite the pineal gland’s significance being suppressed over the ages and often seen as a vestigial organ, the Greeks kept its divine purpose ruled and Rene Descartes referring to it as the seat of the soul. The pineal gland was always an enigma.

The pineal gland has always been controversial which clearly shows its extraordinary legacy.

Our naked eyes perceive the physical world. The third eye, on the other hand, sees the true world, a unified whole strongly connected to God. The third eye acts as the seat of our soul as Rene Descartes would often refer.

The Glands

We can see the functions of the pineal gland highly contributing to the physical universe in terms of biology.

The glands in our body are designed to secrete important hormones. The pineal gland produces melatonin which controls our circadian rhythm and reproductive hormones. As you can see, the pineal gland is a master regulator that does not only affect our sleeping patterns but our sexual maturation as well. Other than regulating our sleep, the release of melatonin also affects our adaptability in this ever-dynamic world. Our happiness and well-being are directly affected by the harmony in the pineal gland.

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

While the function of the pineal gland remains elusive, recent assertions have connected dimethyltryptamine (DMT) to the pineal gland. DMT is a substance that naturally occurs to provide vivid visuals and even profound psychic encounters.

We can also find DMT in some plants which are ingested ceremonially as a way to aid the pursuit of consciousness expansion. Achieving such a high level of consciousness and spiritual connectedness became highly sought after, causing a resurgence of practices from highly devout spiritual seekers. Learning how naturally we possess such consciousness causes more intrigue on the concepts surrounding the third eye.

Since the pineal gland is referred to as the seat of the soul, there is no doubt the DMT resides in there too.


The pineal gland does not only exist in humans. Most animals have it. Descartes’ once claimed that only humans have a pineal gland, but this was proven untrue. It’s even suspected that the pineal gland gives the animals their instinct. The pineal glands of animals are even larger than that of humans.

Any muscles become atrophied when unused. Unfortunately, without true reliance on the pineal gland’s functions, we have allowed it to become dormant while animals rely primarily on their pineal to preserve life.

We can also witness a group of animals working together as one. Geese, for example, fly together in unison and communicate telepathically where to move. In this example, we can see the pineal gland functioning as it should. Rather than individual thought, they are working as a whole for the welfare of the entire group.

If we can have the same unified consciousness, there is no doubt we can quickly move into unity and sincerely embrace a true sense of oneness, given the knowledge that we are all connected. On top of that, telepathic communication would speed up the shared consciousness.

The Significance of the Third Eye In the Spiritual Realm

There lies something beyond the physical properties of the third eye.

As mentioned above, keeping the third eye open also opens all things psychic – telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. The space that separates us from God separates as we learn to master the far-reaching functions of the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a paradox: inside the brain but outside the mind. Egyptians taught that only when we contain this paradox will freedom be achieved.

Mystery Schools have taught the metaphysical ways of being: s a whole for the welfare of the entire group. All these teachings base their doctrines on the third eye, considering it as the first building block of all psychic skills.

Without a solid understanding and mastery of this chakra, there will be no possible spiritual connections, and our experiences will be limited to a mundane third-dimensional life.

During the days of ancient Egypt, psychic development was at its peak, to the point that the pineal gland was said to be the size of a peach instead of a pea.

Pineal Gland Suppression

Controlling the masses means feeding fear and squashing hope. Suppression of the pineal gland would then be an ideal tactic to ensure no one can touch God. Instead, we go through sanctioned gateways such as the church.

The significance of the pineal gland is eradicated, thus implementing the disconnection of people from accessing the source. Not using the third eye commonly results in calcification of the pineal gland. Other sources of calcification include fluoride and foods that are high in calcium.

Another crazy fact is that most people today over the age of 18 have a calcified pineal gland which means that hard shells have formed around the gland, thus shutting off our access to what’s beyond our physical universe.

Following the Pine Cone Trail

The pine cone imagery is surprisingly a common motif in sacred art.

David Wilcock, in his Source Field Investigations, devotes an entire chapter of pineal imagery. If you keenly observe religious groups, they subtly extol the image of a pine cone, exalting the importance of the pineal for the masses and teaching the secrets to the select few.

Despite that, most ritual art still carries potent teachings that are mostly hard to extinguish. The Eye of Horus is a literal depiction of the pineal gland resting inside the human brain. Egyptians, Mayans, Kahunas and many others are also still trying to convey the traditional ways of working our third eye given that we decipher the ancient cues.

Bringing Back The Light

There are two steps to complete in reclaiming the path to our inner doorway of ecstatic bliss and union with the source.

Step 1: Decalcification

Get Rid of Fluoride

As mentioned above, fluoride is one contributing factor to pineal gland calcification. Nearly 80% of the water supply in the U.S have fluoride in their water supply. You can purchase special filters to remove this chemical, or you can also buy reverse osmosis water from the store. Fluoride is also commonly found in toothpaste as well so be more cautious about that.

Avoid Excess Calcium

While calcium is needed in the body, excess calcium can be detrimental to your health.

Be Careful of Food Choices

Some foods inhibit the calcification of the pineal, but there also exist foods that can help decalcify it. Some of these include chlorella, apple cider vinegar, and iodine.

Step 2: Activating the Third Eye

As soon as your pineal gland has decalcified, use that opportunity to assist your spiritual endeavors.

There are many ways to activate the third eye chakra. In Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode shares the training he received. Drunvalo Melchizedek also shares a pineal enhancing technique called the Beams of Light.

Be a firm believer in your intention. Set an intention where you can significantly work with your pineal gland to expand its functioning.

Prayer is a means of communication that is hardly ever mentioned in any religious or spiritual efforts. The Egyptians chanted a prayer “Ua Hua” that helped activate the third eye, thus dissolving the separation.

Yoga is a moving meditation that honors the body’s inherent spirit. Yogic masters have traditions and well-established principles that help open the third eye.

You will notice that as you begin working with your third eye, you will also start to receive guidance and visions. Be courageous and follow through with what your intuition is trying to tell you. Doing so will continue strengthening your pineal.

Meditation for the Third Eye Chakra

To awaken your third eye, meditation is unquestionably one of your to-dos. To meditate, first, find a quiet, comfortable place where you will be undisturbed. A Kundalini master class or sixth chakra yoga practice will be especially helpful.

As you meditate, you will find yourself hearing more about the third eye. Don’t keep it to yourself or think of it as just a topic of interest. You are more than encouraged to use this as the most sacred way to connect with God. You deserve your third eye awareness. It is your birthright. It is a hidden blessing, the surest way to become all you imagined and dreamed of.


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