August 2020

Alignment is the Key

Actions are manifestations of a mind you set. With great alignment comes great power. Resorting to revenge and harbouring resentful feelings will not mend a broken relationship but rather break it into pieces. Focusing on the quantity of clients and money making without looking into the quality of services you offer deteriorates a business’ marketing. […]

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The Art of Letting Go

Are you feeling dull lately? Is your job no longer motivating or your relationship no longer inviting? Truly, at some point in our lives we experience facing a number of trials that are too much for us to handle. If we could just press a restart button and start again or fast forward with our

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Explaining Energy Healing

Energy Healing might be a vague concept to others. As an energy healer, it is not that easy to explain to people what is energy healing and how it works. Oftentimes, even energy healers differ in explanations which all the more causes confusions. To make sure energy healing is understood , the following ideas can

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