In ancient civilisations, our ancestors knew that we possess multiple bodies. They knew that we do not just have just a physical body, but several layers of energy bodies in different dimensions existing at the same time. There is one universal belief that all the ancient civilisations held to be true – we have a physical body, spiritual-energy body, also called the astral body and the immortal Soul that forms the holy trinity.

The practice of sending distant energy for healing has been going on for aeons ns among many eastern civilisations that haven’t completely forgotten about this sacred trinity and doesn’t treat the body as a mindless machine.

Sending distant energy is quite simple and can be done by anyone with a little bit of practice.

Here’s how you can create and send distant energy.

  1. Create a sacred space. Set up area you can call your temple. You may use an altar or any quiet space that is unlikely to be disturbed. Wear comfortable loose clothes. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

  2. Create energy balls. Gather energy first. Do this by clapping your hands 3-4 times and rub them together in a horizontal and circular mode. Do this 2-3 more times. Doing this activates two (secondary) chakras located in the centre of your palms. You will be able to feel the energy. Keep your palms 2 inches away with the inner side of the palms facing each other. You will be able to feel the energy pulse coming and going. Take a few minutes to feel it. You can repeat it if you want. Spice it up with more magic. Visualise the light that surrounds you. The colour of the light depends on your purpose. Inhale this light and feel the light as it runs in your energy channels, illuminating your body, soul and aura. Take a few moments to feel the bliss from this light. Next thing you do is to direct it in between the two palms. Inhale and exhale the light from the centres of your palms.

  3. Choose from the following colours depending on your intention.

    • White – every purpose, connecting with the divine.
    • Gold – every purpose with a more masculine touch.
    • Silver – for every purpose with a more feminine touch.
    • Pink – for love, beauty and healing.
    • Green – prosperity, money, beauty and healing.
    • Red – for active protection, sexual energy, passion.
    • Purple – for passive protection, Astral energy, magic.
    • Blue – for passive protection, peace, healing.
    • Yellow – for mental clarity, intellectual purposes and personal power.
    • Orange – attraction and success.


  4. ​Sending the energy balls. The Energy ball is now created, and all you need to do is so program it. You only need to state what you want to do with it. For example “Sending a Red Energy Ball to George for protection”.  Sending an Energy ball to the future is also possible “If I have exams on Physics tomorrow I can send this yellow energy ball to myself”. You can even send it to your pet or your loved ones. Practice more often, and you’ll get more and more comfortable and intuitive about the whole process and in what you do.

  5. Recharging your energy. To activate your energy centres, grab two amethysts. Stand barefoot. Take a few minutes inhaling and exhaling the energy. Repeat this until you feel recharged. You can also recharge your body through meditation, sunbathing, sleep or by walking in nature. 

Remember that self-care is very important when it comes to assisting others with their healing. Take care of yourself first by making sure your energy is recharged before you think of helping someone else with their healing.

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