The Flow Of The Universe From Scarcity to Abundance

Why do we work hard every day? Why do we keep on looking for jobs that would not only help us grow professionally but of course compensate us sufficiently? 

That is because we have this goal of living an abundant and convenient life while meeting our financial and personal needs. However, when hard work and overtime jobs do not reflect our bank accounts, there must be a need to look back on our mindset about money. 

Abundance or lack of the opposite are connected to the feelings within us. These may have come from past experiences and societal ideologies, thus making us want to compensate that which we have been deprived of. “A person's thinking and beliefs are conditioned by their past: their upbringing and culture they live in,” says, Eckhart Tolle. 


The negativities that we have experienced as a child may come to us later as adults with a scarcity mindset. As a child, we may have overheard our parents fight over money, thus letting us associate affluence with instability.  This chaotic family life with monetary issues, in turn, causes deep patterns of a negative mindset and unconscious thoughts such as blaming others for lack, overspending to compensate deprivation, or hoarding too much in fear of losing or running out of money. 


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The reality is this- we live in a world where indications of scarcity are all over the place.

We buy everything on sale because we think it's not overspending since those are discounted prices.

Many people are unable to free themselves from that mindset. a burden of guilt which they have felt from ignoring the class structures their parents have been confined to. Making money over a certain amount can make them feel shame and feelings of unworthiness and just not being enough, success then is often sabotaged without fully understanding what is going on underneath. A mindset like this can hostage your earning potential. A failure mindset can cause us to fight against the natural flow of the universe, swimming against the current and thinking why we're still not going anywhere. What do we do with this? We need to have a new perspective on the concept of wealth.


Here are four holistic approaches to help you shift your money mindset from scarcity to abundance.

When we imagine or visualize a life in abundance that not only meets our personal needs but those of others as well, it becomes a great way to jumpstart our mind shift. As Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote in his book ‘ Real Magic,' he said, ” Try to imagine a state of unlimited possibilities as being possible for you.” The thing is, we can write down our scripts and act them out in real life the way we want them. Visualizing while being in a state of meditation and relaxation can solidify our new attitude into our consciousness, thus sending out positive energies that complement corresponding results and clearing the path to a newer reality.

Anytime we can choose how our future would be and how to begin making changes for the better. Our present situations are the results of every decision and thoughts, feelings, and emotion that we had in the past. Life in abundance should not be a blurry sight but should be as simple as imagining a better future.

Be Positive

Changing how we converse with ourselves and what words we instill in our minds is one healthy method to rewire our past programming. Affirmations will help end the self-destructive negativities we always put our thoughts into. If we perceive ourselves as never good enough, perfect enough, old enough, smart enough, fast enough, rich enough, or just not lucky enough, we bombard our minds with false ideas, and thus, we need to restructure those lies as they only cultivate frustration within us.

The thing is, there is a need to speak to ourselves and wake up to the truth that we may not be perfect, but we have always been enough. Of course, we can do a little better every day but stressing too much on thoughts of perfection isn't gonna work. As we strive hard every single day, we are igniting the potentials and unlimited power within us. We can reboot and get back into harmony as we change our thinking patterns, our train of thoughts and start holding on to honest and empowering beliefs.

Write Your Affirmations

Write down some positive sentences about yourself such as “I am smart enough to succeed,” “I am releasing the past, and I am ready to move forward,” ” I am blessed and lucky to have amazing people in my life,” “I choose happiness,” ” I can see myself as successful” just to mention a few. You can do this as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will act like a happy pill to help you get through the day. it does not only give you positive vibes but reading affirmations before going to sleep can be carried into our subconscious.


Meditation as we know it is one helpful method for clearing those negative blockages in our perception. Look beyond the horizon. Go with the flow of unlimited possibilities, and you'll see yourself free from labels, resistance, and fear. It will break the social conditioning and ideas about money.

Our brain is like a computer and those negativities that have accumulated over time are the data we input. When we meditate, we reboot our brain by deleting those negativities and blockages that limit our positive ideas. On the other hand, when we input programs that are positive while being in a meditative state can help bring success in the outer world.

Meditate and visualize for at least 15 minutes every morning to kickstart your day. That peaceful feeling will be carried throughout the day and even attract people and experiences into our lives.

When we dive into a deeper knowing state, our egos gradually dissolve, and outside distractions no longer penetrate. We become physically relaxed, calm, and our emotions and thoughts are still. We come into contact with our inner seal, finding peace and love. Like an unused rusty tap, it might only drip at first but as you come to use it often, you will find it flowing with miracles more than you can imagine. The more we practice silent time, the easier and more effective it becomes.

Meditation allows us to shift our energy from scarcity to abundance, from wanting to having, from struggling to contentment. It cultivates positive, active energy of purpose, intention, and gratitude. Deepak Chopra said that abundance and affluence are our default or natural state. All we have to do is “restore the memory of what we already know.”

Discover The Truth Within

The truth is, we can stop living under automatic and unconscious motions. Meditating daily can help us discover the truth within us that has been buried by fearful pasts. Stop blaming people. Stop blaming society and stop blaming the past. It is time to gear ourselves into shifting our mindsets from lack to plenty, from scarcity to abundance.

“You had the power all along my dear.” – Glenda the Good Witch


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