Annindita Palaus

Are You an Empath?

The term ’empath’ is often used to describe a person whose brain and the central nervous system works uniquely. Empaths can understand people, resonate with them and be in tune with them, voluntarily or involuntarily. In simpler terms, an empath has a high degree of overall sensitivity. Empath’s sensory organs have a unique level of […]

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Astral Projection

What is Astral Projection? Have you heard about this before? If you are familiar with or have been practicing yoga and meditation, or if you are savvy in philosophies in ancient culture, this concept, the concept that each living organism is made up of several layers, may not be all too foreign. An example would

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The Power of Reiki Healing

The hands are a powerful, essential tool, especially at a doctor’s disposal. The hands are a vital part of any medical practice, whether they are handling a scalpel, administering vaccination, or fixing a broken bone. Talking about healing, some say that a skilled set of hands are all you need for healing any major malady.

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Zen Habits

Have you ever looked at people and wondered how they seem to be incomplete tranquility despite the constant chaos of the world? People who are just so at peace and calm that you wished you were like them? People whose inner peace constantly radiates to those around them? These people were not born with genetic

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6 Ways to Find Your Passion

When people say, “Just find your passion!”, it would be easy only if you knew what your passion really is. You may work hard, committed, diligent and persistent. If you are the type of person who knows what you’re doing, nothing can probably ever stop you. However, being unstoppable starts from having a clear sense

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Dreaming Big

There are thousands of people out there who make the dream big mantra come to life. Celebrities, scientists, scholars, and the like are not afraid to “chase dreams.” It’s their philosophy in life, “What are you waking up for?” They were able to chase their dreams as they struggled to climb the ladder of success.

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The Healing and Transforming Power of Mandala

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle.” Each mandala, drawn with intention and awareness, all contains sacred energies that bring wholeness and harmony. Mandalas are highly effective for meditation, self-empowerment, self-healing, harmonization, knowledge acquisition, wisdom, and insights. They are made with profound and sacred intent and can communicate even at a cellular level, right

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